Empowering you to discover a deeper level of wellbeing

Psychotherapy and Counselling for individuals & couples

Together with our heads and hearts, we can rediscover our courage and unlock our inner resources

Empower Counselling strives to promote change within you and supports a safe, gentle space where you can discover your own courage, inner resources and healing power to  grow  your human potential.  

The therapeutic journey begins by an openness, a curiosity, to take a risk as you bring your own painful and complex stories, woven through your daily experiences in a unique, challenging and brave way. 

You are supported through care and compassion to move towards greater wellbeing, joy, aliveness and connectedness.

There is no prescription here – walking you through anxiety and trauma, clearing emotional turmoil, we can find a way out of this to better navigate uncertainties and to acknowledge our own issues. From encountering and embracing those ignored or trapped energies, to how they arise with life’s challenges.

I offer a listening presence and provide a safe environment where you can begin to witness your own symptoms and begin to access what you are holding on to.

Recognising your own self-worth, your real gifts and your thoughts and feelings, is when you begin to feel authentic and grow stronger in your awareness and your own company. Where there is deep compassion  a new space is created where you can shift unresolved emotional issues and respond well to healing.

About Debbie

I am a psychotherapist, counsellor, educator and coach and run my own private practice in Sydney, Australia.

It's my goal to support you in taking the courageous steps towards healing. I will accompany you on your journey and ensure that you gain supportive tools along the way.


Areas of focus

Contact Debbie for a free 20 minute phone session to discuss your needs or book an appointment. In person and online sessions are now available.

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