Some people who have experienced depression say there is a feeling of numbness or being in a dark place. Depression can be described as more than a low mood and more like a mood disorder which may appear suddenly, for no apparent reason. It  may also arrive because of personal loss or a setback. It may produce ongoing feelings of hopelessness, sadness, worthlessness and a state of despair.  You may experience a low mood over a couple of weeks. 

Depression can also inhibit motivation as well as attentiveness and stop you doing your normal everyday activities. It can affect your mental and emotional health.

What  are some of the signs of depression ?

  • Feeling overly tired 
  • Losing confidence in everyday activities
  • Experiencing ongoing negativity 
  • Avoiding family or friends
  • Lack of focus or concentration on tasks
  • Being emotional or tearful
  • Feeling vulnerable to anxiety and stress
  • Feeling drained and lack of energy

There are  a wide range of psychological treatments which can help you to recover. At Empower Counselling, we can explore your blocks & challenges in a safe place and help you change your patterns of thinking while encouraging awareness and self-awareness. 

I can support you to overcome tough issues and restore your confidence . As you manage your daily challenges, I will provide you with practical tools so that you better manage stress, discomfort and inner and outer conflicts. These tools all have the great potential for healing.

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