Stress  is part of everyday life and is a response when your body is under demand, threat or difficult situations. Especially now during the global pandemic,COVID 19, you may be searching for answers on how to deal  with the “new normal” and the uncertainty.  We  all deal with stress differently and there are many variations to its intensity. You may feel a small amount of stress if you’ve misplaced your keys but for some people this may lead them into an overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

Some of the signs that stress is becoming a problem is; losing concentration, feeling overwhelmed and anxious, experiencing irritability, headaches, lack of sleep or too much, lack of motivation and feeling out of control and forgetfulness.

I can support you to understand the situations that make you feel stressed and the situations you can and can’t control.

Here are 10 ways to reduce your stress: 

  1. Exercise such as  running, yoga, gym, swimming
  2. Practising some mindfulness meditation- this means being in the present moment which reduces stress and helps you to focus and be more relaxed
  3. Cooking or baking- many people comment on the therapeutic nature of cooking 
  4. Working on new projects
  5. Listening to calming music 
  6. Reading a good book
  7. Eating a nutritious diet
  8. Limiting the news to only once or twice a day
  9. Having a good sleep routine
  10. Walking in nature, noticing plants, the sky, trees, birds and planting seeds and plants in the garden

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