Getting through a gruelling lockdown and building new habits

The National Mental Health Commission describes what we’re all feeling as pandemic fatigue with so much uncertainty and instability. Challenging emotions can show up with a kind of emptiness and often heaviness inside us.

What are the signs that we may be feeling right now?

  1. Low energy
  2. Restlessness
  3. Anxiety
  4. Ongoing stress
  5. Endless worry
  6. Negativity

How can we manage the way we think? What can we do to help ourselves

through this ?

There are many hurdles that we are faced with and we might think that we can fix or control our lives in some way. However as much as we want to …things don’t happen the way that we want them to, and we almost can’t bear it anymore. The end line is nowhere in sight. We feel over it. There is loneliness and  loss of human contact.

So what can we hang on to ? How can we harness our energy? This could be a sign that there are new opportunities waiting for us and we can go ahead and break old or bad habits. Maybe we can get to know ourselves a little better during these times, our own uniqueness and self-worth and all the parts that make up the whole. We might be suddenly stirred and inspired to move forward and change. It is equally important to know that we can get through this and overcome it.

Here are some new habits you may have started doing already while in lockdown:

Inviting positives into your life

Think about the positives and write a list of things you CAN control.

I CAN control my time and I CAN make things happen such as cooking meals, exercising & doing some mindfulness . I CAN control my personal development such as learning something new. I CAN spend time on hobbies that I previously put off. I CAN connect with family & friends on Zoom and cultivate friendships on social media. I CAN share new knowledge and accelerate my learning curve.

I CAN’T control job loss, family separation, shutting down businesses , government decisions, travel bans & the economy.

Take the best things into the future

When you begin to write a list of positives from being in lockdown, you’ll surprise yourself.

Keep the best things about the lockdown and take them with you into the future;  new experiences, hobbies, new friendships & the awesome wildlife in and around your suburb.

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create. 

-Roy T Bennett,The Light in the Heart



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